What is Fan Fund?

Fan Fund is the first AI sports gaming + hedge fund experience in the legal entity wagering market. We use proprietary algorithm and a risk assessment strategy to select the highest chances for growth. Fan Fund is far less complex than Fantasy Sports with a greater return on investment. In addition, you’ll be able to get closer to the game you love. We will send notifications updating you on changes to the fund, including game picks and earnings. Plus, there is no long-term commitment and you can collect earnings after game performance.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Player chooses a fund
  • Step 2: Player verifies age (must be 21)
  • Step 3: Player creates a account using email address
  • Step 4: Player chooses $ of investment
  • Step 5: Fan Fund notifies player of game picks and earnings real-time
  • Step 6: Player earns profit and has fun!

What Is Sports Wagering and Is It Legal?

Sports entity wagering offers a legal solution with higher return rates. It can be described as a sports betting mutual fund. Investors buy into the fund and the entity manager will invest that money in sports wagers instead of traditional businesses like a mutual fund would.

Last summer, Nevada state legislature passed Senate Bill 443, which legalized entity wagering. The bill allows Nevada Sportsbooks to accept wagers from a pool of investors called “entities”. The pools are open to US residents, regardless of where they live, but the entity itself must be operated by someone located in the state of Nevada. Similar to mutual funds there can be entities that specialize in certain areas of sports.

How many people can be in a fund?

Fan Fund creates small funds around conferences, games and players that have a short duration. Fund size is typically less than 35 players and less than $35,000 in assets. These funds typically do not require a SEC filing in the beginning and as the funds grow in size we have a process with our lawyers that streamlines the fees and timeline.

What are Fan Funds fees?

  • $2500 minimum investment, 20% success fee, 1.5% mgt fee
  • $1000 minimum investment, 22% success fee, 1.7% mgt fee
  • $500 minimum investment, 24% success fee, 1.9% mgt fee
  • $100 minimum investment, 25% success fee, 2.0% mgt fee

A 5% risk enrollment fee placed in a common pool for moderate to low risk bets for all players.

How if Fan Fund different from fantasy gaming?

Fan Fund operates in the legal entity wagering industry. Unlike Fantasy gaming, there has been initial and upfront legislation enabling entity wagering. With Fan Fund, players cannot choose their bets, or place their bets individually. All money must reside in a Nevada bank account, and be managed by a Nevada company. The players cannot affect the bets made, and can only be notified of bets the day of the games.

When will I get my earnings from a fund that increases?

You can cash out from a fund at the end of a game series. You will receive your earnings 3-5 business days after the withdrawal.

Why should I trust Fan Fund algorithms when I'm a sports expert?

Fan Fund performs a Bayesian analysis of leading experts as a part of their algorithm. It constantly evolves and removes bias from an individual expert prediction. In addition to this analysis, Fan Fund can instantaneously recognize and locate an opportunity that may only exist for seconds. It does this by monitoring game lines, performing matchup simulations, reading injury and news updates, and factoring in environmental effects. By using a scalable and instantaneous AI, Fan Fund can create hundreds of bets and manage thousands of Funds, making the experience of entity wagering fun and profitable. Fan Fund can also remove expensive fees associated with fund manager success and pass that profit on to players.

How will I know what games to watch?

Fan Fund will send you notifications with game picks and we will provide updates on how your fund increases real-time. You will have transparency during and after all the action, making the experience easy and fun.

can sports investing help with long-term wealth?

The single driving vision behind Fan Fund, is the desire to enable and cultivate investing for young Americans. Wealth disparity is at an all time high, while investing is at an all time low. Fan Fund creates a fun experience, that scientifically has shown to be a superior alternative asset class compared to Wall St. investments, and grows the long-term wealth of its customers.

Will my profits on my investments be taxed?

If an investors sells his/her interest in the fund, a partnership interest, the investor would realize a gain or loss. The gain or loss will be taxed as long term if it is owned over 12 months and short term if owned less than 12 months. We encourage you to obtain tax advice from your professional. The income earned from the investment will be taxable to investors. A K-1 will be sent to the investor after the year is over.