Fan Fund is not offering services to the US public

Fan Fund is the first AI sports
gaming + hedge fund experience in
the legal offshore AI investing market


NFL Fund Opens 8/17



Fund Currently Active

through June 2017


NCAA Fund Opens 8/17



Fund Currently Active

through November 2017

Fan Fund uses a proprietary algorithm and a risk assessment strategy to select the highest chances for growth. Fan Fund is far less complex than Fantasy sports with a greater return on investment.

How Fan Fund Works?

1. Choose
a Fund

2. Select

3. Receive
Pick Notifications

4. Watch & Cheer
as Fund Grows

Watch Sports and Make Money

Fan Fund is completely legal thanks to the 2015 Nevada Entity Wagering Bill (Senate Bill 443), and is growing each and every day.

Finally I can invest in something I am passionate about and have a better understanding of, while receiving a higher return than the stock market!"
Robert Nathanson